Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pinehurst #2

This one is #3 on the top 100 "you can play".  I've now played 3 of the top 5.

#2 is considered the masterpiece of the master, Donald Ross.  He lived here, in this house by the 3rd green.

This is where, as everyone knows, Payne Stewart won his second US Open championship in 1999, just months before his fatal plane crash.

The course is difficult because of the greens, which are described as being like an upside-down bowl.   A shot that is only a few feet from perfect can end up 30 yards away in the fairway, or in a bunker.

The caddies are part of the show, telling stories about the course and the tournaments that have been held here.  The 6th hole, they said, at 242 yards, is called the shortest par 5.

I didn't score nearly as well here as at Kiawah.  I didn't have my A-game, but even so it seemed I lost a full shot on each hole for being just a little bit off.  No birdies.  2 missed birdie putts.

There is only one water hazard, and they tried to fill it in, but it kept coming back because it is fed from a spring.

More pictures.

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