Monday, August 11, 2014

Fuel Rewards Network

One of our biggest expenses, living in the RV and moving around like we do, is diesel fuel.  Gas Buddy (link on the right side of the page) helps find the best prices wherever we are.  We also use the Shell Fuel Rewards Network, now also linked over there -->.

It's free, you get a card to slide at the pump, and at worst you get 3 cents a gallon off at any participating Shell station.  Lately, Gas Buddy has been finding Shell to be the cheapest for diesel fuel, too.  But the rewards are that if you register a credit card with them, and use it at certain restaurants or grocery stores, you get points.  50 points = 5 cents a gallon gas discount.

So, if you use that link to sign up for it, you and I both get 25 cents discount (250 points).