Saturday, June 11, 2016

Great French restaurant where?

This is the review I posted on Tripadvisor.

Cafe Michel
5 stars are not enough
There may be French restaurants in New York or DC that have fancier digs and fancier prices, but they wouldn't have better food. The escargots were served naked in a dish, with garlic and butter, of course, and parsley and chopped mushrooms. Delicious! The waitress said they were Mary Jean style, but I can't find that on the internet, and I've not seen them served this way before. The Caesar salad was the best ever. We both had the seafood platter, the presentation was superb and the taste outstanding. Michel came and talked to us after the meal. We're full-time RVers, and he said his dream was to tour the country in an RV, with someone to drive for him, and he would ride his bike. I said he could come with us, and I would drive if he cooked.

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