Monday, April 14, 2014

JTBC Founders' Cup, Round three

My group today was Suzann Pettersen and Hee-Won Han.  I had walked with Suzann before, also in 2009.  I can't say she has changed much.  She never spoke a word to me after introducing herself, and didn't autograph a ball at the end of the round.  Her entry in the LPGA 2014 Fan Book says that she "Says her friends would describe her as 'funny, laid back, caring and determined' ".  Her walking scorer says there is nothing funny or laid back about her demeanor on the golf course.

She played well on the front 9, with 4 birdies and no bogeys.  On the 10th, she 3-putted from short range, and you could see the smoke rising from her head.  She hit her drive into the fairway bunker on 11, which brought forth an f-bomb as she walked down the fairway.  On her bunker shot the ball hit the lip and shot into the air, landing well short of its intended target.  That was when she let loose a hail volley barrage fusillade torrent of f-bombs that would make a sailor blush.

My standard-bearer told me she once let one fly on live TV, during an interview.

She managed a par 5 on 11, but bogeyed 12 and 18, finishing with 70.

Hee-Won made 3 birdies on the front 9, but also one bogey, and then shot 37 on the back, also making bogey on 18.  For a moving day, there was not much motion for this group.

LPGA professionals have as many different attitudes and approaches to golf as any other group of golfers.  Some, like Suzann, treat every bounce and roll like a life-and-death issue, and make sure everyone around them knows it.  Others, like Morgan and Natalie, while obviously concentrating and taking their jobs seriously, also obviously realize that it's just a job (for us hackers, just a game), not their life and not even one of the top three most important things in their lives.  Perhaps that's a part of the reason that Suzann has had more success in golf, but one must wonder if it is worth the cost.  Maybe, off the course, she really is as nice as Natalie and Morgan are on the course.  Jeckyll and Hyde, so to speak.  Even that has to take its toll.  Which is the real person, and which is the mask?  How do you control it, prevent the natural reaction at the wrong time?

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