Thursday, April 17, 2014

JTBC Founders Cup Pro-Am pictures

The long overdue pictures from the Pro-Am.

We were late to tee off, because one of the "amateurs" in the preceding groups was late to the tee:  Nancy Lopez
We also got to see Paula Creamer
and Lexi Thompson
tee off ahead of us.

Our Girls Golf participant who walked with us was MaryBeth
a 5th grader whose favorite shot to practice is her driver.  She hits it 180 yards.

Some candid  shots of the Real Housewives of LA with Morgan:

and at the 10th tee, where Morgan was replaced by Meena Lee, they took a group picture, and I took a video

And an update from the Walking Scorer chairman:

If you recall, there was a 12 year old girl playing in the Pro-Am this year.  Her name is Karah Sanford, and she was one of the finalists invited to the finals of the drive, chip and putt competition in Augusta.  If you watched the finals on TV, she was the one with  Scoliosis who was shown being fitted for the harness to straighten her spine.  She was also shown driving, chipping and putting.  She finished 9th in her group.


“It’s not the size of the mountain, but the strength of the mountain mover”

Karah's team won the pro-am.  
Karah has 9 aces.  Could she become the first player to hole-in-one her age?
Karah has won the San Diego Jr Amateur Championship 5 years in a row, and has several trophies for winning tournaments with the word "world" in the title.  

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