Friday, April 18, 2014

Best Friends

May 2013

We visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, one of our favorite charity organizations, whose mission is to take in unfortunate animals and put them up for adoption, or else give them a place to live out their lives in relative comfort.  Most animal shelters euthanize their inmates if they cannot be adopted quickly.  Best Friends takes pets from those shelters and other sources, keeps them if they are not adopted or adoptable, and provides whatever medical or behavioral help they need to live out their natural lives.

Here's one of the clients.

They have lots of cats, and places for them to play
We saw some hummingbirds at the feeder

And when they pass, there is a Pet Cemetary with wind chimes
We took a hike while we were there, to Hidden Lake.  On the way, we passed an Anasazi grain storage facility
and some interesting rock formations
The lake is in a cave, with interesting geology around it

More pictures here and here.

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