Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Round 2, tomorrow

It's 11:56, Snedeker v. Simpson.

Oh, and another story from today.  First, you have to know a little about how the walking scorer hand-held computer works.  For each shot, we click on things to indicate where the player is hitting from, like fairway, rough, or green.  Then when he strikes the ball, we click a big button, "shot hit".  Then we wait to see what happens.  If it goes in the hole, we click "in the hole" and if not, we click "new shot".

We also have a radio, so we can field questions from the trailer (which indicate either that we did something wrong, or the player did something unusual), and so we can report problems in scoring, or call for medical assistance or a rules official.  

So I hear a big roar from a couple holes away, and then on the radio, "Scoring, this is group 3, I have a problem.  Bubba hit his chip, and it went past the hole, so I hit "new shot", but it was too soon.  The ball started rolling back down the hill and went in the hole."

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