Thursday, February 20, 2014

Match Play, round 2

Simpson d. Snedeker, 4 and 3.  These two seem to be quite friendly, even as opponents.  At one point, one of them said "For the next twelve holes, I don't like you" and the other replied "Why do you have to make this so personal?"

Snedeker lost it early with a couple of embarrassing disasters.  On 3, he hit his tee shot into the lake, took a drop and then hit another into the lake.  Simpson was on the green with a birdie putt.  Brandt could have holed out for double bogey, so he conceded the hole.  On 6 he was in a greenside bunker and took 2 to get out.  By then he was 4 down, and even though he never gave up, winning 8 and 10 to get back to only 2 down, Webb was playing well and wasn't to be caught today.

The pin placement on 2 was especially nasty.  Both golfers were above the hole, and it looked like anything that went as much as a foot past the cup could go off the green and down the fairway.  I was standing next to our group's rules official and remarked that the pin placement was quite severe.  Being a very reticent individual, he was silent for a few seconds, and then said "Thank you."  Simpson promptly drained his 40-foot birdie putt, and I said "Maybe not."  Rules Guy smiled.  The only time all day.

It turns out that Dustin Johnson is not the record holder.  I learned today that two years ago Ian Poulter set the record with 3 wild pees in a single round.

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