Monday, February 13, 2017

MMT on the mainstream media

OK, Fox News might object to being called "mainstream", but it's a lot wider audience than MMT has ever gotten before, AFAIK.  Tucker Carlson interviewed a Duke University professor, Mark Paul, about a job guarantee.  Don't put too much stock in the headline ("Takes On").  If you haven't seen Tucker before, he is staunchly conservative/libertarian, but quite civil as long as his interviewees are civil.

It turns out, he was somewhat sympathetic, in the end.

There was a lot they didn't discuss, which is a shame, but it was a short interview.  They didn't get to the best feature of JG, IMHO, which is that people with jobs mostly don't join gangs, sell illegal drugs for a living, shoot their neighbors and burn down their businesses.  They are hopeful about their lives, not desperate.

May this be just the beginning of the dialogue.

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