Monday, February 13, 2017

Golf achievement

Maybe you noticed I'm not on Facebook anymore.  I deleted my account, because it was sucking up too much time, and there is just too much hatred there.  I feel much calmer and more relaxed now.

I bought some new golf clubs on Friday:  Taylor Made M2 irons and hybrids.  I went to an executive course Saturday to calibrate them, didn't use my woods at all, and the new irons are two clubs longer than the old ones.  My new 4 hybrid can replace my old 3 wood.  Then Sunday I played Western Skies with Dave.  He took pictures and said he would put something on his blog but here's my side of the story:

The Holy Grail of older golfers is shooting your age.  Yesterday I shot half my age for half a round.  On the front 9 (par 35) I shot 33 with a birdie and an eagle (my 9th career eagle).  33 is my lowest ever 9-hole score, as is the 2-under-par.  The eagle came on a par 5, when I holed a wedge shot from 90 yards away.

So I'm very happy with my new clubs, and my new swing (I typically adopt a new swing every few months).  And looking forward to breaking par for 18 real soon!

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