Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pullman and vicinity

July 2013

We took several side trips around Pullman.  WSU keeps some bears in a fenced area, for research.
They take baths and play with their tub buddies
In Spokane Valley, at Starbucks, we saw a woman with her pet wookie
The kids were in a play, Pirates of the Caribbean
And we saw an old church in Palouse, one of the few left with that arch thingy at the entrance

 And another old church

And an old pioneer cabin

We went to a farm surrounded by a fence of wagon wheels, over 1000 of them

and an art store

and met a guy in the laundromat who built an accessory for his truck, out of legos
It holds his compass, cell phone, GPS, I forget what else, and the chargers for all of them.  He's trying to patent it.

More pictures.

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