Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kingston Trio

We went to the Kingston Trio concert last night.  They weren't the originals, there have been many changes of Trio members over the years.  One of them had been a stand-in before the originals retired, and the others had been in the Limelighters and the New Christy Minstrels.  The only living member of the original trio, Bob Shane, was there, and came onto the stage with his guitar and oxygen tank, told some old corny jokes and sang two songs.  He introduced Tom Dooley:  "Two chords, three verses, three choruses, 25 million records.  Been looking for another one like that."

They played Tijuana Jail, Zombie Jamboree, Greenback Dollar, The MTA, Scotch and Soda, Turn Around, The Merry Minuet (an eerily timeless lyric, written in 1949), Early Morning Rain, and Where have all the Flowers Gone.

And one I hadn't heard before, A Much Better View of the Moon:

If I lose my jobI'll sleep till noon
If the news is bad, I'll watch cartoons; 
If my house burns down, I'll have lots more room, 
And a much better view of the moon.

There's a 2-hour PBS pledge drive show in the works for this year.

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