Monday, March 24, 2014

JTBC Founders' Cup, Round 2

I am truly smitten.  Natalie Gorgeous - I mean, Gulbis - is not only the prettiest golfer who ever walked a fairway, but one of the nicest.  To start, at the first tee, many of the golfers will introduce themselves to their walking scorer and standard-bearer, some do if they are reminded by the starter, others do it as an afterthought, and some don't.  Natalie makes sure to do it, as part of her routine for getting ready to play.  Nobody else ever said another word to us on the tee, but Natalie asked if we lived locally.  When I told her I lived in an RV full-time, her face brightened perceptibly (she was already smiling) and she told how she had enjoyed traveling with her Father in an RV to Junior Golf events.  On 13, when she had finished the hole she stood next to me to watch the others putt out and inquired about my shoes, saying they looked like hiking shoes, and she was thinking of getting some.  (They are hiking shoes, Vicki gave them to me for Christmas so I wouldn't get blisters when we went hiking.  They work.  I didn't get blisters this week until the back nine Sunday, about 22 miles into the hike.)

Christina Kim.  I'm going to devote another entire blog entry to her.  There's just too much, too important.  I haven't had golf channel since shortly after the last time I kept score for her, at Papago in 2009, so just today in researching this blog entry I've learned a lot about her experiences since then, which gives me a very different perspective on today's walk with her.

Mo Martin started the day at -5, and had a solid, if unspectacular 71, with two birdies.  She was the short hitter off the tee, consistently 10 yards behind Natalie and 30 behind Christina, except when she hit driver off the tee and they didn't.  She reminds me of me playing with Cactus Dave, except she scored only 2 shots better than Natalie and Christina :-)

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