Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Omussee creek

November 2012

One of the Robert Trent Jones golf courses is in Dothan, Alabama, so we looked for a nearby RV Park.  We've bought into a sort of timeshare deal for RVers called Resorts of Distinction.  It doesn't work exactly like timeshares, but you get to stay in the associated parks for free, up to a week at a time (or 2 weeks for ROD Plus, which we have also now bought).  Along with ROD come three other memberships:  AOR, Adventure Outdoor Resorts, where we can stay for $9 a night for up to a week, and ACN and NACC, which give discounts, typically 10-15%, at associated RV parks.

In the NACC directory we found Omussee Creek RV park, and made a reservation there through the NACC 800 number.

When we got there, this is what we saw at the entrance:

We drove around the park looking for someone in charge.  No luck.  We were sitting by the entrance wondering what to do next, when a pickup truck stopped and the driver introduced himself.  He's the mayor of Columbia, AL, and his wife manages the RV park.  It turns out the owner died, and his heir lives out of state and isn't interested in it, so has put it up for sale and she's taking care of it for him.  Most of the residents are long-term contractors at the nearby nuclear plant, not RV vacationers.  They had no knowledge of our reservation, even though NACC claims they spoke to someone who told them there was availability for us to stay.  There were empty spots, so we took one:  $59 for the week, not $19 a night as NACC had told us.

The hookups were fine, we had no problems there except a swarm of ladybugs, some few hundreds of which took up residence with us.  We were vacuuming ladybugs for the next month or so.  But it has to be the most decrepit RV park on the planet.

And the creek itself, the eponymous local attraction:

No matter what happens from now on, we'll always have Omussee Creek.

  Some more pictures.

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