Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colorado wildfires

We're in a camp tonight a few miles from the Black Forest fire that started today.  We're upwind, so in no immediate danger.  The wind might shift tomorrow, but it would blow the fire back over ground that is already burned, so not the worst possibility.  We passed by the Royal Gorge today as that fire was raging, and they closed the road shortly after we passed there.  There are 5 fires now on the Eastern slope of the rockies.  We have some pictures, I'll post them later.  We're watching the TV news to see if we will have to evacuate.

Our first look at the Royal Gorge fire:
As we drove by, we could see the flames
Coming into Colorado Springs, we saw the Black Forest fire
and then after we parked the RV
The wind shifted as predicted, and the fire is moving sort of toward us.  They have a good spot to stop it before it gets here, and they've mobilized the DC-9's to drop retardent on it.  The winds are not severe, and we're not in the evacuation zones yet, but we're staying ready to move just in case.

Some more pictures.

6/13 update:  The Black Forest fire is now the worst wildfire in Colorado history.  We're getting ready to leave.  Not in danger, but with the smoke in the air it's not healthy to go outside.

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