Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame is something every fan of the game needs to visit. It is worth a trip to Cooperstown just for itself, if you can't combine it with a vacation to the Finger Lakes or Lake George. From the opening video to the early days of the first professional leagues, to the Majors and the Negro Leagues, to today's heroes, it is a trip through time and a visit with yourself as a child.

Yes, it's only a game, but the things these people did are extraordinary not only for their on-field accomplishments but for their lives as well. If you've ever shed a tear hearing Lou Gherig's farewell speech, bring at least a few handkerchiefs when you go to the Hall.

The pictures are self-explanatory, I think. Oh, except for the Chinese restaurant on the side street. There is not a valid translation.

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