Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silver Falls

Silver Falls State Park is in Oregon, near Silverton.  On the Silver Creek.  I wonder what sort of mining they did around there?

We hiked most of an 8-mile trail called the Trail of Ten Falls, and parts of it twice.  It goes past 10 waterfalls, and at some of them you can go behind the falls.


They had shamrocks there.  The climate is very much like Ireland.

And salmonberries. 

Another very popular berry they have here is called Marionberry.  Reminds me of the former mayor of Washington, DC.  It's large and very tasty, like a blackberry.  Not that the Mayor was tasty, I don't know about that, just the berry.

Then we went to see the Gallon House covered bridge.  It was named that because it was where the customers would meet their bootleggers to transact business during Prohibition.

Here are some more pictures.  And some movies herehere, here, here, and here.

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