Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monterey Peninsula


Took a drive to Big Sur, and relaxed there for a few minutes

There's not much in Big Sur, leading me to believe that the attraction is the drive to get there. 
The road winds around and up and down the coast. Fun to drive, glad I didn't have the 5th wheel attached. 
We saw a few cottages near the ocean.

Then back to the Monterey Peninsula, where we stopped first at The Basilica of Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo, aka the Carmel Mission.   It is one of the many in California, Arizona, and northern Mexico founded by Father Junipero Serra, and is where he is buried.

Then on to the 17-mile drive. We made lots of stops at scenic places, but the highlight was ... well, you can guess.

The next day we went to Castroville, which is where artichokes come from.  My favorite food.
We had dinner at a local restaurant.

I had the soup and salad bar, with cream of artichoke soup and artichoke vegetable soup.
Vicki had artichoke quesadillas, and we split a deep fried artichoke heart appetizer.

I got a few fresh artichokes from a fruit stand

They were SO much better than the feeble imitations you find in grocery stores, and I got 5 for $5 instead of $3.99 each.  I think we have to stop here again next year, for more artichokes, and maybe I'll save up enough to play golf next time.

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