Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots of progress since last post, as is fitting since it's been so long.

First we went to Quartzsite for the RV show, and found the one we want to buy.

 It's a 2012 Montana 3150RL.  Here's more pictures and a nice youtube of one just like it.  

We found the truck there, too.

It's a 2006 GMC Sierra 3500HD SLT, diesel, crew cab, dual rear wheels.  The RV dealer just got it in trade, and gave us a good price.  It has heated leather seats, and all the other stuff you have to buy before they put in something silly like that. 

Then the next weekend we went to RV Boot Camp in Congress, AZ.  It's run by Escapees, and it was GREAT!!  Lots of things we needed to know.

We're picking up the truck and trailer on March 12.  Our lease in Goodyear expires March 31, so we'll have a couple of weeks to move in.

And, we retired from the State last Thursday.  One might think that in retirement, we'd have more free time, but not us.  Getting ready for the big move is hard work.  We rented a storage unit and started moving stuff in, put ads on Craigslist to sell some other stuff we don't want to store.  And buying "gadgets" that we learned about in Boot Camp.  You need lots and lots of gadgets for your RV.  We've reserved a parking space for the RV for the first couple of weeks while we move in.  We sold John's car, and after we get the truck we'll sell Vicki's car, too.  Gotta get new insurance for the RV, and new health insurance, and cancel the old.  Anybody want to buy a 2004 Mazda 6?  Or a nice 42" HDTV, or two bedroom sets,dishes, ...

It's going to stay busy for the rest of March, but THEN we'll be able to relax and enjoy retirement.  Until we learn to back up, then we'll be on the move.  We don't know where the first stop will be (that's what everyone wants to know!).

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  1. I am sitting in your seat, Vicki. I was hired to take over IMS and other DBMS here at the state. Glad to see you make the most of retirement. Life is too short - we lost Mr. Sanelli this morning.