Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to our Blog

This is the story of John and Vicki, two MVS System Programmers.  It's about our plans, and will be about our adventures, as Fulltimers - people who live in an RV.  And about some other things that interest us, like golf, and economics, and whatever else we want to write about.

We're shopping for an RV now, have our eye on a 2010 Excel, but not ready to pull the trigger yet.  We're going to the RV show in Quartzite this weekend, and trying to get into the Escapees Boot Camp next weekend, but they're full and we're on the waiting list.  After those two, we hope to be ready to make a more confident decision, one way or the other.

We're also retiring from our jobs at the State of AZ, and will have to move, of course, from the house we're renting to the RV, and get rid of a lot of stuff, and put some in storage, and sell our cars and buy a truck to pull the RV (it's going to be a 5th wheel), and establish a new "domicile", since we can be residents of whatever state we want, now, no ties to any real estate anywhere.

We're going to be moving around, I figure one lap of the USA each year, following the good weather, and visiting relatives and friends.  I've counted 18 stops we need to make for that.  And National Parks.  And then there's golf.  I tore out the pages of the top 100 courses from Golf magazine, and I'll see how many of those I can get on to.

This is my first post to my first blogging attempt.  Let's see how it turned out.

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