Saturday, March 4, 2017

Walgreens Charity Classic

I volunteered today (and tomorrow) at the LPGA Legends Tour tournament.  In my group were Rosie Jones, who shot a bogey-free 68 and is tied for 2nd, and Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan, accompanied by her Hall of Fame caddy, Carl Laeb.  Patty shot 79, with two loose shots into water hazards, another mere inches from OB, one into the rough that ended dead behind the only tree in the vicinity, and about 5 missed putts of 3 feet or so.  Rosie could easily have had 65, she left three very makeable birdie putts straight on line and short.

I can't imagine Patty missing all those short putts for lack of skill or misreads or mishits.  My theory is that she just got a new pair of glasses, or else she needs a new pair of glasses.

In the field is Christa Johnson, perhaps my most admired LPGA pro.  You can read why here.  She shot 70 and is T9.

Back again tomorrow.

And oh, yeah, Patty has the same M2 hybrids that I have.  She likes them, too.

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