Monday, July 27, 2015


Prattville, Alabama is an interesting enough place to overcome my blogging inertia.  One of the more enjoyable things about this lifestyle is finding out-of-the-way places with unique features, and this is one.

We stopped here because of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail course here, and the owner of the park where we stayed told us about Uncle Mick's, the best restaurant in Prattville.  Not just his opinion, the Internet said so, too, 3 years in a row.

You get your tray and enter the cafeteria-style line.  We were greeted by Uncle Mick himself, who is the chef and was serving the food.  He asked "What did you have last time?", and when we told him it was our first time he gave us samples of everything.

I'm calling it the best Cajun outside New Orleans.

Prattville was founded by Daniel Pratt, who was from New Hampshire and chose the site because it reminded him of home.

It's called the Fountain City because they've built fountains over the Artesian wells here.

And we saw an unusual car

More pictures.

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