Friday, January 30, 2015

Feherty Live

We went to the Feherty Live show at the Orpheum last night.  It was a cold day in Phoenix

We passed some Seahawk fans as we were walking, in the rain, to dinner.  Fill in the blank with your favorite Seattle weather comment.  I can't tell you what everyone said, because 6 of us were all talking at once, and laughing at our own witticisms.

Feherty was fabulous, as expected.  Hines Ward and Rodney Harrison were wearing their Super Bowl rings, and brought deflated footballs that went into the audience.

Herman Edwards talked about the Miracle in the Meadowlands, Greg Kinnear told about his first hole in one, which happened on Monday.  Gary McCord and Rocco Mediate were the golf guests.

McCord told a story involving John Jacobs' hand, an automobile tire, and super glue.  Alcohol may have been involved.  Rocco ("He could start an argument in an empty room") had some controversial advice for Tiger.  Feherty told stories about Ben Hogan and Tiger that I'll repeat to you in private.

The grand finale.

More pictures.

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  1. And we were on TV!! It will be rebroadcast on Tuesday afternoon, on Golf Channel Check local listings for time.

    You can see the top of my hat in the video above. Check out the guy in front of me in the colorful jacket: Charles Nelson Reilly lookalike!