Friday, December 12, 2014

Yuma Territorial Prison

January 2014

From 1876-1909 the Territory of Arizona operated a prison in Yuma.  3,069 prisoners were incarcerated there, and today it is a tourist attraction.

Their crimes:
The conditions:

Despite the looks of it now, it was considered a model institution in its time, and called the "Country Club on the Colorado", because it was one of the few places that had electricity, running water, and flush toilets.  After the prison was closed, it was used as a school.  The Yuma Union High School Criminals played 4 seasons from this home after their previous building burned down.

They had an innovative way to do mug shots, saving 50% on film

 There was a famous escape attempt:

Some of the more interesting inmates:
 Related to Senator Flake, I wonder?

And in the courtyard, some humorous decorations

More pictures.

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