Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free RV Parking at golf courses

We just joined a club that gets us one night of free dry-camping at 317 golf courses around the country.  We haven't used it yet, but it should be more enjoyable than staying at a Wal-Mart on the way from here to there.  They also offer discounts on greens fees, and in the pro shop or restaurant, and there are some really nice courses.  One is Erin Hills, which will host the 2017 US Open.  They're signing up more courses all the time.

They also have some RV resorts where we get two nights free, with hookups. (Like I said, we haven't used it yet, and my radar tells me we might have to endure a marketing presentation or something like that, to get the 2 nights free.  I clicked on a few of them, and they are selling lots and campsites.  We'll see.  We have stayed at discount rates in places that sell permanent sites like that, and they have not done high-pressure marketing like timeshares.)

If you know someone who golfs and RVs, they might be interested.  They can use the link on the right, and if they use that link and buy in (LIMITED OFFER: Only $49 for the first 1,000 Annual members who sign up Only $245 for the first 500 Lifetime members who sign up) then we get some sort of commission.  I gather they have a multi-level marketing thing, too, like Amway, so if you want to put ads on the Internet, you can be one of our sub-agents and get commissions, too.  Without joining yourself, I think.  If you're into that sort of thing.  I didn't explore that in depth, but I can get the details if you think you want to do it.  Meanwhile, feel free to put that link on your own web site or blog :)

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