Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

We stopped in Greeley, CO to visit Vicki's in-laws in Loveland. I lived in Greeley for 3 years, and we visited the house I lived in 50 years ago. It still looks the same, except for the solar panel on the roof.

I took the picture from the truck, across the street, and a lady came running out to see what we were doing. When I told her, she invited us in for a tour. Her father is living there now.

In Loveland, Bill and Cathy drove us up into Rocky Mountain National Park. We took a dirt road

up to a restaurant at 11,796 feet

and saw some great views

and elk

and crazy people

On the way back, we went to Camp St. Malo, where I went to summer camp. The chapel is still there

but it's not a summer camp anymore, it's a conference center. The main lodge burned down some years ago and has been rebuilt.

All that brush in the foreground used to be athletic fields.

In Estes Park we ran into some traffic

and saw this hotel. If it looks familiar,

it's because that's where Jack Nicholson hung out in The Shining.

More pictures here.

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