Saturday, November 3, 2012

Indian Canyon

The Muni course in Spokane, WA is called Indian Canyon. It's rated one of the best Muni's in the country. The raters must have liked the same things I do, mountains and valleys and elevation changes. The first tee shot gives you an idea of what's in store, lots of trees on both sides of every hole:

I had a bad lie on the 9th hole, close to the green. It took quite a while to find the ball, and quite a while longer to get it from this hole to the cup.

My favorite was #11. You hit it as far as you can off the tee,

Then you get a 2nd shot around a sharp dogleg left and majorly downhill and sidehill, also to the left.

I hooked a 3-wood around the corner and caught the hill perfectly, and wound up 10 yards in front of the green. Up and down for birdie.

Pictures of all the holes here.

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