Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Palouse Ridge

The Palouse is a rich agricultural area, famous for pictures of the farmlands that look like a patchwork quilt.  Its rolling hills were formed during the last ice age, so that golfers would have courses with large elevation changes.

Palouse Ridge is on the campus of Washington State University.  I only played 9 holes, because of time constraints, but since I walked it was enough.  Now I don't walk a course anymore if it's name contains the words "Ridge", "Mountain" or "Canyon".  I figured that since we had been hiking a bit, it would be OK to walk.  NOT.

The course deserves its ranking as one of the best in Washington.  They hold PAC-12 and NCAA tournaments here, and one of the scoreboards was still up when I played.

The shot of the day was on #6, a par 3.  I hit into the sand trap.

Had to play out onto the rough, because of the severe slope down to the hole.  You can see it better if you enlarge the picture.  It ended up

just right.

There's wildlife, too.

More pictures here.

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