Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sequoia National Park

Our first stop on the National Parks tour was Sequoia National Park.  The giant sequoias are not the tallest or the oldest trees, but they are the biggest in volume, and the heaviest, and are some of the oldest living things on earth.  Some were over 1000 years old when Christ was born.  The General Sherman (in the picture above) is the biggest sequoia, 275 feet tall and 2700 years old.

Here's Vicki standing on the path, between two sequoias.  The trail is part of the Congress Loop trail, which runs 2 miles through the forest.

And here's Vicki hugging a tree.

We took a few hikes through the woods, and down to Crystal Cave, where we took a guided tour.  It's a nice walk down to the cave entrance, with a waterfall along the way.

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  1. She must be serious about her tree hugging!